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Thank you for stopping by! I am Maryia, the founder of Discovery Yoga. I was born and raised in Belarus, lived in Canada for a while and finally settled in Jersey over five years ago. I have been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, and I am really excited to share my love for this wonderful discipline.  

I have received my 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Certificate in Bali with Simon Borg-Olivier of Australian-based Yoga Synergy. I have also trained with Tara Stiles, creator of Strala Yoga, and have completed Sadie Nardini's Journey Training (Core Strength Vinyasa).  My classes (and my personal yoga practise) mix and match elements from these three schools.

Finally, I am certified to teach Face Yoga with UK's leading expert Danielle Collins. 

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Core Strengh Vinyasa


I guide gentle flow classes with an emphasis on the "core" muscles running deep within the body.  Using the breath and wave-like movements in order to enter and exit poses, this class will light you inside out leaving you energized yet relaxed. 

I prefer to say "guide" rather than "teach" because every class is your very personal journey back to you. My job is to help you find the way - and then step aside and let you enjoy the experience.  

The classes are very beginner friendly (that doesn't mean easy though) with each new posture built from the ground up step by step, slowly and safely.  

Face Yoga


Face Yoga combines facial muscles  exercises with acupressure, self massage and relaxation techniques for youthful appearance. 

The session begins with a few minutes of breathing and a short yoga sequence to relieve neck and shoulder tension, promote good posture and prepare for the seated part of the class. This is followed by a signature upper and lower face ‘workout’ developed by UK’s leading expert Danielle Collins. We then learn a short yet effective self-massage routine for everyday use at home. To finish, there is a lovely guided relaxation. 

Makeup removal wipes and an all-natural, plant based vegan oil serum developed by Danielle is provided. The class is strictly limited to 8 spaces and there is lots of personal support for each participant.


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